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Choosing the right bridal make-up team is important to you and so it should be! Your wedding look is one of the most important elements when planning your dream wedding. This is YOUR day and it should reflect your own personal beauty style.

Let fat mu help you design every little detail of your wedding look so you can be worry free and focus on the bigger things. We insist on a pre-wedding trial to make you feel comfortable and confident so there are no surprises on the day. Our team of make-up and hair professionals are here to make you look and feel fabulous. Looking forward to making you a happy and beautiful bride!

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Prepping up for the big day? We’d love you to view our images to give you a glimpse of our bridal world! From make-up for you to make-up for all at any wedding event, no matter what the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Working with fat mu on my bridal look was more fun and engaging than I thought it would be.

Working with fat mu on my bridal look was more fun and engaging than I thought it would be.  The team is hands on and paid specific attention to every detail that I wanted for my wedding.  They were open to experimenting with ALL of my ideas (however silly or difficult some of them may have sounded) and made me feel completely comfortable with my final look for each of my special events.  I am amazed at the professionalism the artists demonstrate, and how seriously they take their job.  Makeup is truly an art but fat mu takes it to the next level not only with their personal client attention but depth of creativity that every bride should be able to explore.  Thank you fat mu, for making my vision into reality!

fat mu was absolutely incredible throughout my wedding.

fat mu was absolutely incredible throughout my wedding. I had a real mix of events during the wedding – a sangeet, a white wedding and an Indian wedding and fat mu managed to create such different looks for each event, making me feel beautiful and confident for each of them! I thought it would be really hard to achieve truly distinct hair and make up looks for each day, but they managed flawlessly.
The pre-wedding trial was great – I got to know the team who would be working with me and we discussed and went through the different looks. They made a big effort to get to know me and adapted the looks to suit my personality and style.
The fat mu team were a pleasure to have around. You spend a lot of time getting ready for each event and having hair and make-up experts around who have a great sense of humour, are fun to talk to and keep you calm and relaxed is key.
I can’t recommend fat mu highly enough. They are extremely professional, great at their jobs and very personable. Having them around certainly relieved all the stress of that part of my wedding!
Thanks for an awesome wedding fat mu and for making me feel stunning.

I would highly recommend fat mu... A Bespoke, Fashionable and Exceptional service!

I recently got married and booked fat mu for my bridal makeup. Starting from the trial to the wedding day I found their service to be super professional.
I wanted my makeup for the pheras to be quite traditional and the reception more editorial. They completely took my brief on board and gave me exactly what I wanted with great inputs towards my final look.
On the wedding day the fat mu team also helped get two of my sisters ready along with me. We were so impressed with the calm manner they worked in and how they were unphased by the general stress that goes around on a wedding day.
I would highly recommend fat mu for any occasion. A Bespoke, Fashionable and Exceptional service !


At fat mu we have something to suit everyone's needs and budgets. From your bridal looks, to those of your friends and family, our fat mu teams can create make-up and hair looks for all involved. We'd love to chat to you about your wedding and find out what you need. Mail us at bridals@fatmu.com or call us on +91 7045390666.


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